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Published by admin on 2016-06-28
Greetings fair friends and everypony else within the sound of your Mayor's voice! Ponyville welcomes all to this year's Summer Sun Celebration. Come enjoy the festivities, food and games. This year, our special host, the Great and Powerful Trixie will run a talent show completion throughout the festival. Come show your skills, talents and abilities for all to see as we celebrate Princess Celestia and the sun!

The event will run from this Thursday the 30th through Sunday. Please come join us as often as you can!

-Mayor Mare
Published by sketchy on 2016-03-21
Hey ponies! It's your new guide, Sketches! I'm very happy and excited to be part of the team, and even more excited to bring you our annual Winter Wrap Up event! Winter wrap up will be hosted March 24th through the 26th (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). So grab your shovels and break out those sunglasses because Spring is almost here!
Remember, your characters can be apart of one of three teams: Weather, Plant, and Animal!
So spread the word! We want a big turn out for a lot of fun!

Published by admin on 2016-01-30
Please go see my game! It's an alpha build so it does the bare minimum to call it working. It's not pretty and the rules have been simplified, but it works!

You can find the game here: Running of the Leaves Game

The rules are thus:
  • There are 7 important dice. The flag, the power, and the five track dice.
  • The Flag die tells you if you can continue your turn (green) or if you must stop (anything else)
  • The power die goes from 0 - 50
  • The track dice go from 0 - 25
  • Start your turn by rolling all 7 dice. If you get a green flag, you may choose which dice to re-roll and which to keep. You must always re-throw the flag die.
  • When you are happy with your turn total, end your turn.
  • If you roll a yellow flag, you may get a penalty. If you roll red you WILL get a penalty and they are bigger.
  • If you roll a black flag, you lose your turn and score 0
  • First player to 500 distance wins!
Published by admin on 2016-01-04
It's a new year here and New Worlds Roleplay and we're happy to have had a wonderful surge in attendance over the holidays. We wish each and every one of you wonderful people the very best and many more exciting years to come!

As a matter of updating you on my activities, The game is nearly ready for alpha testing. Last night I was able to finish the system for initializing the game and starting the first turn. It shouldn't take long to work out the issues that have cropped up as a result and then move on to switching turns and keeping score. As such, I expect to be letting players in to play sometime this week. Stay tuned!

Published by admin on 2015-12-23
'Tis the season for home and hearth and the warmth of friendship! Please tell your friends and loved ones that this next week Mon, Tues, and Wed. we will be hosting a major site Hearthswarming RP! All are invited and festivities will include holiday decorating contests, holiday treat tasting tables, and a festive dance party with music provided by all local entertainers.

Come one, come all, and have some hot cocoa with peppermint sticks on the house!

-Tekkie and Moka (The Host)
Published by admin on 2015-12-21
Greetings happy ponies!

I'm here to report progress on the game is slow but moving forward. I had originally intended to use a more experimental new databasing engine for it but it turns out it's a bit too early in development to be used for my application. In other words, I need to rewrite to use another db. This shouldn't be too big of a setback. I'm just sorry I didn't commit to this change two weeks ago.

Again, I'm going to shoot for Saturday. I'm very optimistic I know and I hate to continue disappointing. I made some great progress last night though so I'm going to remain hopeful.

Published by admin on 2015-12-14
As many of you are aware, I've been slaving away my spare time trying to write a simple game for nwrp. For one reason or another, this is taking me much more time than anticipated. Mostly this is because my 5th child and 3rd son has arrived in our home and made everything just that much more busy for me. Add to that the fact that I've chosen to use some experimental new technologies and this also being my first major javascript app undertaking solo... Yeah. It's taking longer than anticipated. Once again I'm going to speculate that I'll have something at least playable by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience!
Published by AyameEx on 2015-11-23
Hello Members of NWRP,

I've never really had to do anything like this before, so please bear with me. Since the beginning, I have been a Guide here at NWRP site, and it has been a privilege beyond anything I should have ever expected for myself. I had hoped to help shape this site into a place where I myself would like to RP and for a long while I did my best to do just that. However, for a variety of reasons, the time has come for me to step down from my position for the good of the site. It is my hope that NWRP will continue to grow and flourish once the old, dead wood has been cleared.

I cannot begin to express how much MLP has meant to me, likewise with every single person I've had the good fortune to RP with. I only hope that we can continue to be friends and RP partners for a long time yet to come. This site, as well as the one that many of us originally came from, Fillydelphia, have had a profound impact on my life and I will never forget my time here.

To everyone that I've worked with in a professional capacity on this site, thank you for your help and understanding. I like to think that we always reached a positive conclusion. To my fellow site staffers, you're a wonderful group and I adore you to pieces. Keep up the good work.

Thank you all again for everything you've given me.
Published by AyameEx on 2015-10-31
It's that time of year again, the shadows deepen, the night darkens and Nightmare Night creeps over all of Equestria. Festivities kick off on November 5th and continue until the 7th. If you have a costume, don it. If you have a booth you want to set up, do it. Just don't forget to give Nightmare Moon her offering of Candy, otherwise she'll come gobble you up!

If you have questions regarding this event, please direct them to one of the Guide Team. Thanks and Happy Nightmare Night!
Published by Regulus on 2015-09-15
Hello everybody!

A few months back the Site Admin and myself were thinking of ways to help the site out and our users too. One of those ideas were to help out our skilled artists, writers, cooks, musicians, etc among us. The idea is to collect our talents and have a space on our site to advertise them. Essentially, the idea is to revamp the artist page so that it will list our community artists and even artists outside of our web site. It'll have a short blurb describing what services they can offer and a link to both work examples and contact information. If you're interested, please get in contact with the site admin at PenguinMan98 (@) usa (dot) net with your information or suggestions of artists you'd like to see on this page. We're also considering that if artists (or anyone for that matter) wishes to become sponsors for our site by making a monthly reoccurring payment of at least $3.00 a month on our donation page (See the paypal donate button under the log-in) such persons can set up a rotating front page advertisement for their services and/or a special thank you message to the sponsoring user.

Thank you to everyone who wishes to participate!

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